Stanza is the best online music shop for your musical needs. We stock every kind of instrument, musical accessory and sheet music that you could possibly want. If we don’t stock it, ask us and we’ll start stocking it.

There’s nothing that Stanza can’t do. Music is in our blood. We are passionate musicians and therefore we want to pass that knowledge and expertise through to you, the customer, so that you get the best form of service that we’d expect when we buy music store items. Check out the categories on the right-hand side so you can make an informed decision about what to buy today.

Musical Instruments

Buying musical instruments is not something to take lightly, and that’s why we make it our mission to only stock the very best instruments so that you can invest in the best item for your skill. If you’re a pianist then check out our pianos, from baby grands to electronic keyboards and everything in between, we have it all.

If you’re into guitars and the string section, we have stunning Fenders, Les Pauls and more. As well as quality guitar straps such as the Bison Boa Horween Guitar Strap and other accessories from picks to cotton straps and tuners.

Brass band players can find all kinds of new instruments on here too, such as trumpets, tubas and more from our stunning music shop.

Why Does Stanza Music Shop Sell on Amazon?

Good question, we sell on the world’s largest marketplace….well, just because of that fact really! We trust Amazon, you trust Amazon, they have the best and most secure payment system, so why wouldn’t a music shop want to sell on Amazon?

We ship our products in bulk to Amazon, they fulfill the order for our music store sales and you get your product packaged nicely and sent quicker than we could ever do it. They have the infrastructure in place that means we don’t need to have a logistics team or a huge factory and distribution centre as it’s all done by Amazon.

We can discount our prices too, so when you click on our site through to the Amazon page, you may find that you will be paying less. It’s like a nice surprise when you were going to buy something for $200 and realise it’s only going to cost you $160, for example.

What Does Stanza Stand For?

Stanza, if you don’t already know, is the regular rhyme or metrical scheme when talking about music. Here at our music shop, we wanted our name to be known regularly and in a rhythmic way, so you can come back to being a customer again and again, therefore we decided that a short, snappy musical name like Stanza would be a good idea.

We hope you enjoy your vist on our music shop website, and if you have any questions contact us by email, Facebook or on Twitter.